Challenges for Developers are SOLVED! with Project Management

Josh Griffin

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Every year Stack Overflow releases a massive report on the current state of Developers. Also, every year the Project Management Institute (PMI) releases a massive report on the current state of Project Management. The correlation between the two are astounding and should be taken into serious consideration by companies.
Basically, what the data suggests is that having a dedicated Project Manager on a project increases quality, speed, success and customer satisfaction. This does not mean that a developer should also play the part of a Project Manager. I have witnessed first hand at the confusion and unprofessionalism that this brings to clients. Your clients gets half-way work and quality by a developer having to play multiple roles. If a Developer is managing communication, reporting, playing Scrum Master, Defining Requirements, Managing Scope Changes, then how much time does that leave for them to actually code? Half the time, and a longer timeframe. This doesn’t mean that they can’t be involved in some of those aspects of a project. Using Agile/Scrum Methodology allows for the team to come together to solve problems. However, many people forget that team members should have dedicated roles and responsibilities for Quality Assurance.
Let’s look at what Stack Overflow reports as the Challenges Developers face in the Workplace:
  • Unrealistic Expectations – 34.9%
  • Poor Documentation – 34.7%
  • Unspecific Requirements – 33.5%
  • Inefficient Development Processes – 30.3%
  • Changing Requirements – 28.1%
  • Poor Team Dynamics – 22.3%
  • Non-Technical Management – 22.1%
  • Interacting with Stupid People – 20.4%
  • Poor Scheduling – 18.2%
  • Interacting with Non-Technical People – 14.9%

Haha, I love the last one!


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Now, let’s look at what the Project Management Institute says in their Pulse of the Profession report.

Project Management provides the following:

  • Higher organizational agility
  • Greater cost savings
  • Improved risk identification and mitigation
  • Competitive edge
  • Better success with organizational change
  • Improved customer satisfaction
  • Return on investment is met or exceeded
  • Faster time to market
  • Improved success with complex projects
  • Higher revenues/profit
You don’t have to be a Rocket Scientist to see the correlation and value of Project Management within Software Development, but let me point out a few things that I find worth mentioning.
The two main things that helps with any projects that most people do not do is Identifying and Planning for Risk during the Planning phase AND Communication with clients that increase customer satisfaction. Saying that you can do anything for anyone communicates the wrong expectations and creates a massive amount of risk that will ultimately end up in a stress client and stressed team.
So, when you put a Project Manager on a team, they are able to see and mange risk and communicate effectively to the client, as well as increase speed of the project and increase profits. This is all being done while the developer is working on coding. When you get a Software Project Manager, they normally have a technical background and also play the role of Business Analyst. This let’s them speak in “normal” words with the client, and translate that into technical requirements for the developer. Project Managers love being Project Managers and Developers love being Developers. So, when everyone is doing what they love to do and is respected and recognized, then you improve the team dynamics and project success.
Let your Developers develop, and your Managers manage.
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