What We Do

We offer Management for Software Development to improve processes, knowledge sharing, and increase product quality. We can also use our knowledge and professional network to plan, design, build, and implement your Software and App Development needs.

Agile Development
Project Management
Scrum Methodologies

What else we provide?

IT Staffing Augmentations

Software Integration or Atlassian Jira/Confluence Administration

Product / Project / Program Management

Workforce Management & Optimization

Quality Assurance and Process Improvement

Why Choose Us…

+ Improved customer satisfaction + Higher organizational agility + Greater cost savings + Improved risk identification and mitigation + Competitive edge + Improved success with complex projects + Higher revenues/profit + Increased Quality Assurance + Increased speed to programming + Improved Development Processes +

+ Reduce Stress + Reduced overhead costs + Reduce Unrealistic Expectations + Reduce Poor Documentation + Reduce amount of Unspecific Requirements +

About us

The business came from the Project Management work done between both Josh and Phillip on software projects. We worked closely on a custom project management software, company process improvement initiatives, company standards and processes, and later becoming PMP certified together. Researching trends in Project Management and the Uberization of everything, there was a clear realization of the value we could bring in a new market. Additionally, we found that Project Management is looked at as a skill and not a profession. We have a strong desire to change that.

Our Founders

Our Values

Be Great

Being great is part of us, not something we ‘do’. Personable, pleasing, polite, passionate personalities make for great experiences. Fun is not something we organize but live out in our work. Meeting personal goals and continuously improving ourselves from the inside out is mandatory.

Think Universally

Always be prepared to answer the questions: how can this help everyone? how can this be applicable to the universe at large? We firmly believe that great ideas are just a couple steps away from being bigger than the idea itself. We produce change through small steps but challenge ourselves to think big everyday.

Produce Value

We must produce value to our external and internal clients. Advise wisely. Consult effectively. Educate constantly. Software integrated efficiently. Measuring at every feasible opportunity leads to maximize value, therefore a must. We are a value producing company, period.

Reduce Waste

Reduce, reuse, and recycle. This is not only true for physical waste, but waste within your department’s resources. We hate waste, and want to help you reduce your waste too, so that money is saved. Spend your money how you want to, not how your processes dictate. We do not waste our own time, money or labor…and we will not waste others. We must be frugal to thrive.

Serve Clients

We do not rest until our clients are served. Serving clients properly includes meeting or exceeding all established expectations. We are client centric and must understand them to serve them best. Empathy and appreciation of the customer are key. All services and products offered must be done so with the client’s interest at heart.

Latest news

Challenges for Developers are SOLVED! with Project Management

 Josh Griffin SMXLL   Every year Stack Overflow releases a massive report on the current state of Developers. Also, every year the Project Management Institute (PMI) releases a massive report on the current state of Project Management. The correlation between the two are astounding and should be taken into serious consideration by companies. Basically, what the data suggests is […]

Process improvement is a responsibility of all employees, not only management

Phillip Turner It can be a struggle without a proper process improvement methodology at your company to convince others to contribute to process improvement mid-project.  The reason for resistance may be that others are waiting on you to do it!   I don’t mean they are lazy, salary suckers – though these types exist – this […]

Small Improvements To Standout

 Josh Griffin SMLXL Every week I mow my 1.1 acre yard, and every week I want to be the first one in the neighborhood to do so. You know that feeling when you are the last one on your block that has yet to mow your yard. It’s sucks. Every one has a nice looking […]

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